Friday, March 1, 2013

Trinity Preschool Activities for Friday, March 1, 2013

Willow Room:

We read "Green as a bean" by Karla Kuskin

We did a group art project.  We painted sponges with brushes and then gently pressed them onto a large sheet of paper.

We had water color pencils and slick stix crayons.

We did a bean bag song , and 2 little blackbirds for music time.

We made our letter J chart and thought of J words.

Maple Room: morning class
We read "My lucky day" by Keiko Kasza
We illustrated our three pigs stories.  We had shamrock shapes at the easel that we painted.
We did the March song, the months song and we acted out the story of the three pigs.
We also had three boxes that were made into house shapes and we made them into a house of straw, a house of bricks and a house of sticks.

Maple Room: afternoon class

We read "Alphabet Mystery" by Audry Wood and Chicka 123 today.

We dd truck painting on large pieces of paper with paint and at the easel we had green paper with rollers and paint.

We did The March song, the months song for music time.

Oak Room: Pre-k class

We talked about gravity today.

We read "Wilbur's space machine" by Lorna Balian

We did balloon drop painting using a weighted balloon- to demonstrate gravity
We made marshmallow and toothpick creations ( to make space stations), we had out some farm building blocks, and number bugs- you put the correct number dots together with the numerical number to create a bug.

We did "gravity"- using scarves.  We sang the planets revolve around the sun while we walked around (revolved) in a circle below our planets we made hanging by the ceiling.
We did a balloon rocket experiment.  We had a balloon attached to a straw that was threaded on a string the was tied up high.  We blew up the balloon and let it go and it shot up to the ceiling. We did a countdown down from 10 - 1 before we let it go. Then we let go of a balloon that was not attached to the string to see what it would do.

We talked about words that start with the letter V.

We talked about gravity and demonstrated how if you drop two items at the same time, they will hit the floor at the same time.  Then the children got to try it.

Stay & Play

We read "Franklin has a sleepover" by Paulette Bourgeois

We fingerpainted today.
We did a kitten lost her mitten rhyme, May there always be sunshine and sticky bubble gum for music today.

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