Monday, March 25, 2013

Movies for children-sensory friendly films at AMC

AMC theaters have what they call sensory friendly films where children can move around, not be expected to be totally quiet, the sound of the movie is not quite as loud and over whelming as normal, and the lights are not totally off.  

The movies are on a Saturday morning, about every 6 weeks or so.  I went to one with my grandson and was not sure what to expect, would there be kids running around, screaming, etc, but the experience was great.  Yes, a few children asked questions in louder voices, but nothing was disturbing anyone.  Also, nothing in the theater advertised the fact that this showing was any different than any other.  

They also don't have all the previews, just the movie, which sure helps little ones who are done by the time the previews are over.  I loved that the sounds were not as loud , it was not too quiet, just not blaring. Movies can be long, loud, and too much for preschoolers with or without sensory issues, so I strongly recommend checking this out.  The next movie scheduled is "The Croods, on April 6, which looks like a fun one for the kids.

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