Saturday, March 9, 2013

Space unit activities for a pre- k room

Our pre-k class has fun learning about space and the planets.  We turn our dramatic corner into a space center with a control panel, rocket ship, and space suits with jet packs and space helmets.  We add some special building toys that are space or rocket related and read stories about all the planets, the sun and the moon.  We learn about stars, and have fun doing art projects too.  I think the space unit is one that the children and the teachers find to be really fun.  I have posted some of those pictures in this blog earlier. A fun creative activity we did that encourages the children to think about what they are creating or think afterward of what it reminds them of was to make their own planet with colored sand and glue.  The children cut out a circle shape and squirted glue on it, then they chose the colors of sand to sprinkle on top.  When it was done, they named their planet.

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