Friday, April 27, 2012

Trinity Preschool Activities for Thursday, April 26, 2012

Willow Room: 

We read "I'm a caterpillar " by Jean Marzollo
We looked our caterpillars and moth to see how big they are getting.

Our question today was "Do you have a pocket?"

We made flowers out of doilies with glitter paint.

Painted with a whisk, press to make to make flowers.

We practiced our mother's day songs?

Last day for our flower shop 

Maple Room:  

"The very Quiet Cricket" by Eric Carle was our story today.

We made egg carton lady bugs by coloring one cut out egg cup red and black and we took them out to the playground and raced them down the slide.  We played them on top of different kinds of balls, ping pong, and marbles.  The marbles worked best .  

We did Sally the swinging snake, wiggy, wiggy wiggles, Tommy thumb, black bird, and dog in school for music. 

Oak Room:

We had beach day!  This is a fun way to end our unit on under the sea.  The children wore beach clothes over their regular clothes and we brought  in sun glasses, beach towels, beach hats, etc. to make the day fun.  Our teachers wore grass skirts and sun hats. 

We read "Harry by the sea" by Gene Zion 

We painted white paper with blue watercolors and then used stampers to stamp on sea creatures in our ocean pictures.

We brought sand in the room and played with it in small tubs (we usually only have sand outside as it scratches the floors).  we had water play and magnetic fishing.  We had snack on our towels in the gym.
We also had rice with tweezers and hidden treasures- we used the tweezers to find the treasures.

We did the Limbo song, and we pretended to surf on paper surfboards.

We did balloon volleyball, balloon tennis and played with the parachute in the gym today. Our teacher  made balloon rackets with a paper plate and a paint stick so we could bop the balloons back and forth with a friend.

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