Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Trinity Preschool Activities for Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Willow Room: MWF class

We read "The great nursery rhyme disaster" by David Conway.  A book about all the nursery rhymes getting mixed up.  A cute story to tie in all of the nursery rhymes we have learned.

For art we worked on part of our Mother's day present. Shhhh, it is a surprise.

We talked about what we did over spring break and we also focused on being respectful of the person who is talking by listening to what they are saying.
We sang "Sticky Bubble Gum, and the fish song

We looked at letter Q objects, and played our guessing game about things that begin with the letter Q.

Maple Room:

We read " Does a kangaroo have a Mother too?" by Eric Carle

We worked on a special Mother's Day present today.

We had rabbit shapes with paint and  cotton balls at the easel.

We did The April song, The Freeze dance with ribbons, Tommy Thumb, Jump up /Turn around, and Dog in school for music today.

We did the letters T-U-V on our dry erase boards.  We did letter V activities.

Oak Room:

We read "Rainbow Fish Discovers the Deep Sea" by Marcus Pfister.  We also read the letter Z book.  We are finished with the alphabet, we learned the letters, the letter sounds, and practiced writing the letters too.
We worked in our journal notebooks, we drew pictures that start with the letter Z.

We did partner pictures at the easel, it will be the background for our ocean scene.  We used blue and green sparkle paint.  
We have new lemon scented playdough.
We did a science experiment of what will sink and what will float, after we did it as part of group time, the children got to test it out on their own during choice time.
We had out word cards- the children practiced writing words on dry erase boards.

We did "Three little fishes" a swimming song, and "Mitch the fish" a color changing story.

We had the estimating jar too- guess how many fish?  

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