Sunday, March 4, 2012

Oak Room:recap- Space unit

It has been a very busy few weeks for me, and I have gotten behind on my daily tidbits.  I will get back to doing the daily activities this next week, but for now, I want o recap what has been happening in each class.

The Oak room Pre- K class has been doing activities and learning about space.  They have learned songs about the planets and have read " "There's no place like space" (about the solar system) by Tish Rabe,Bamboo and Friends - The moon, by Felicia Law; "If I were an astronaut" by Eric "Stars" by Thomas K Adamson; "The Sun is my Favorite Star" by Frank Asch; "Frog in space" by Tedd Arnold; "Moo Cow Kaboom" by Thacker Herd; " Kitten's First Full Moon" by Kevin Henkes; "What the moon sees" "what the sun sees" " Goodnight Moon" by Margaret Wise Brown; "What is the full moon full of?" by Shulamith Oppenheim' and "Neptune, what is it like?" ; "What next baby bear" " by Jill Murphy; and "Pluto, the dwarf planet".

For art we did  the following:  We cut out rocket ship shapes and painted them with red and blue water colors for our bulletin board.  We added each child's picture to be the astronaut. When we talked about the moon, we glued round objects onto paper plates and covered them with foil, and pressed down around the circle shapes so it was like the craters on the moon.  (see picture on facebook).  We dipped star shapes in glue and pressed them onto paper.  then sprinkled glitter over the top. We  paper mache'd balloons to make planets, then we painted them and hung them in our room to be our own solar system.  We made constellations by putting star shape stickers on a black piece of paper, then we used a yellow colored pencil  to make a line to connect the stars to form our constellations.  Each child told us what their constellation looked like.  Another day, we cut out circle shapes and drizzled glue on it.  Then we sprinkled colored sand over the  glue to make our own planets.  Each child named their planet. We talked about gravity and magnetic fields, so for art one day, we dripped paint onto a paper plate adn put a paper clip on the plate in the paint..  Then the children used a magnet wand under the plate to move the paper clip around to paint the plate.  We drew pictures after reading the book "What the moon is full of" of what we thought the moon is full of.  After the teacher glued two paper bowls together to make it look like a space ship, we painted the bowls with glitter paint an glued small shapes on for windows. 

Our dramatic corner is set up for space- we have computer keyboards, we made jet packs, space helmets, a control center and more.  See pictures on facebook

Some of the other space activities we did the last few weeks are: space puzzle, solar system floor puzzles, a space match game, a space board game, we learned about each of the planets, we did several science experiments, one with a balloon on a string that shoots in the air, and some about gravity. 

We did songs about  the planets, robots, and about astronauts.   We really have fun learning about the planets


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