Friday, March 23, 2012

More Eric Carle fun in the Maple Room

We added watercolors to the collages we made on Monday.

We showed more of Eric Carle's art style and made out own stars from collage

Adding watercolors to our collages

We followed the style of Eric Carle and did an outline of a star, the children filled it in with snips of the painted paper they created on Wednesday. 

The did a great job with this project.

The children snipped the painted paper into small pieces to place them where they wanted.

Each child's picture became a unique creation.

The children really enjoyed learning about the artistic style of Eric Carle.  We showed them and read to them many of the books he has done and did several art projects that continued over a few days.  I love how they created the paper, then used it later to make a different picture. 

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