Sunday, June 12, 2011

Camp Starts Tuesday, June 14, 2011

If your child is enrolled in camp, please bring them to the first floor Tuesday morning. Camp starts at 9:15 and ends at 11:45. Camp is Tue., Wed., Thurs. mornings. (Camp enrollment is closed- we are full)
  • We play with water a LOT; sprinklers, buckets of water and sponges, and water tables with toys, so dress to get wet. If the temperature will be above 75 degrees, we will use the sprinklers.
  • We suggest swim suits most days, the children just enjoy running around in them to play. Put their swim suit on under their clothes when you bring them to school.
  • Water shoes, or sandals that can get wet are important.
  • We do very messy art in the summer, so save to good clothes for other occasions.
  • Send in a towel- please write their name on the tag or elsewhere, sometimes two children bring the same kind of towel.
  • You were assigned a snack, either juice or crackers, just bring it one time; not each day.
  • Put sun screen on your child before you come to camp.
  • We do not get the children redressed at the end of the morning, you can either take them home wet, or take them into school to get them dressed.
  • We always have water available to drink, so no need to send in water bottles.
Our basic schedule for the morning is as follows:

9:15 - arrival, greet everyone , story time, play in the room with a few minutes until everyone is there.

9:35- 9:40 - stop in the bathroom on the way outside and head to the playground.

9:40-11:25- enjoy the fun in the (hopefully) sun. We do art, water play, sand play, games, small quiet toys on blankets, books and stories on blankets, and so much more. We also do snack during this time.

11:25-11:45 - clean up and music time to end our morning.

11:45 - pick up your child from the playground.

If the weather is rainy, we do all kinds of fun indoor activities.

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