Thursday, June 23, 2011

Camp-Day 6

It was a cool day today, with some potential rain, so we planned for an indoor day with some outside fun at the end.

We used colored glue (we make our own - just take the tip of a marker that has dried up and put it in a bottle of glue) and dis solvable packing peanuts. The children dipped the packing peanuts in glue and put them onto paper plates to make creations.

We had out small group games, blocks, legos, the free art tables and we also opened up the halls for the children to go out there to play bowling, climb through the tunnels, and do hop scotch. They could also go into either room to play, so they thought that was really fun. We had some movement music activities and we went outside for about 20 minutes. While we would love to have beautiful weather each day, the children enjoyed today and seem to like the inside/outside days just as much.

See you next week.!

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