Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Camp- Day 1

We had a great day at camp today. The weather was a little cool, but dry and warmed up during the morning. We had two water tables out with water toys, the children did chalk drawings on the sidewalk and we had two different art project going on. One was a process art of spraying watered down tempra paint from a hand squeezed sprayed ( so also good for fine motor skills). The process is fun, the children loved spraying the paint, but the more they sprayed, the lighter the colors became until some pictures just looked like we sprayed water on the paper. They definitely enjoyed the process though. The other project we did at the tables today, we had a variety of bug stampers and glitter paint and the children stamped pretty colorful bugs all over their paper.

We also had the sand boxes open, and the climbers we a hit. We had blankets out with books and duplo legos for the children to create. We had a nice snack and we ended the morning with music time.

All of the children got along so well, it was a great day!

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