Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Camp- Day 4

We had a hot sunny morning-finally! We were able to get the sprinkler out and a lot of other fun water activities too.

  • Used the new Fisher Price ball sprinkler, it was so much fun.
  • Used big boxes with paper in them and a variety of balls dipped in paint. Then two of us rolled the balls back and forth to create a design. We had tennis balls, wiffle balls, and ping pong balls- they all created different patterns as they rolled. The art creations are hanging in the halls. This is a great team project.
  • We had stencils and markers at the table.
  • In advance, we froze water in large bowls. We brought it out in tubs with paint brushes and watercolors.
  • We had the water tables out with plenty of water toys to explore.
  • We had the dinosaurs and sand out on one of the tables.
  • We got out buckets, sponges, and fun tools to wash the playground equipment.
  • Plus we had books, and some activities to sit on the blankets and have some relaxing fun.
  • We blew up some beach balls to toss around.
  • We added some new sand toys and some sifters to the sand boxes.
  • We also got some more bug catchers- they are the big summer hit!
We had a great day and we have a great group of children in camp, every day just flies by!

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