Thursday, June 16, 2011

Camp Day 3 - another great day!

We had a nice day outside- not hot, but warm enough to play outside in the playground all morning. We had a few dark clouds come in, but no rain in sight on radar, so the fun continued.

The children played with the water tables full of toys, the sand boxes, and the big hit of the day was the bug catchers! We look for bugs and put them in the bug houses until it is time to go home, then we sent them free!

We did painting with fly swatters and bright colors as a group project on the fence easels.

We did painting on black construction paper with powder paint and water. The children dip the brush in water, then in the powder paint and it made bright beautiful pictures. I will do a separate posting with both projects and pictures.

We also had tubs with wet sand and plastic dinosaurs and buckets with water, magnetic fish and magnetic fishing poles for the children to do pretend fishing.

We ended our morning with music time and said our goodbyes until next Tuesday. We had a great first week of camp!

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