Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Classroom activities for Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The rain was done, so we were able to get all classes outside on the playground. Remember to send jackets or sweaters on these unpredictable fall days.

Willow Room:

We read "I like me!" by Nancy Carlson. We talked about the weather and the calendar and we asked the questions "How are you feeling today?" for our graphing activity.

At art, we glued different color squares in various sizes and textures. We had red, yellow and blue glitter paint at the easels.

We sang "Cool bear hunt", "Put your finger on" and "wheels on the bus"

We enjoyed playing with the doll sin the play house area.

When we went out to the playground we saw the geese that were outside our fence today. We also looked up high at the airplanes.

Maple Room:

We read "Quick as a Cricket" by Audrey Wood. This is a great story about how sometimes you feel strong, sometimes, weak, and sometimes you just feel both ways at once.
We drew pictures of ourselves (self portraits) and we looked into mirrors to check out what we looked like. We talked about parts of ourselves, and our eye color and our smiles too.
We had paint and paper with a negative space ( a hole cut out of the paper).

We Sang "The September song", "12 days of school"," Everybody has a face", "The freeze dance" (we danced with scarves) and "Today is Monday".

We did a graphing activity today, we graphed eye color and hair color (physical awareness)

Oak Room:

Our book was "Hurty Feelings" by Helen Lester; a story about how easy it is to have hurt feelings and how we sometimes need to get over it. Sometimes we take things that are said as mean, when they are not. We also read "Walter was worried" by J. Seeger

We worked in our journals today on pictures that start with the letter "B". We had fall colors of paints at he easels. We had out some table games today, and some color and pattern matching blocks. We also had out a magnetic color maze

We sang "If you are happy and you know it, and we talked about feelings, they had a card with a happy face and a sad face and we asked questions, "How you would feel if...." They held up the face that best represented their feelings.

We talked about emotions today.

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