Sunday, September 26, 2010

Activities for Friday, September 24, 2010

All classes went outside to the playground today. We are enjoying the fall weather and getting outside as much as we can.

Willow Room: MWF class

The story we read today was "I'll always come back!" by Steve Metzger. Our question today was "Do you like to paint or play with play dough?" We used the answers to make comparisons about how many preferred each activity. We did the weather and the days of the week at our second circle time.

We did a whole class group art project today. We had a large piece of paper taped to the table and we made "circle prints" using different sizes of open circles dipped in paint.

We had alphabet magnetic letters at the easels.

For music today we did "The freeze dance" using ribbons as we danced to the music and "froze in place" when the music stopped.

We had out a new game today, it was a turtle shape matching game. We had out some rubber bugs that can be sorted in various ways, but today we sorted them by color. We also had out some colorful keys to be sorted.

Maple Room: MWF class

We read "If you take a mouse to school" by Laura Numeroff . We did our calendar and weather activities, which we do each day. We use some of the information to do some graphing activities each day as well.

For art we had a tearing and gluing activity. Tearing is the first step in the cutting process and is great fine motor work to develop the finger muscles.

We sang "The September song", "months of the year", "can't sit still" and "brown bear".

We made an alphabet caterpillar today, everyone got a letter to add to the caterpillar.

Oak Room:

We read Buzzy's Boo Boo, by Harriet Ziefert, a story about getting hurt and needing a band aid. We do calendar and weather activities each day.

We had the children draw a picture of a time they got hurt and we added a bandaid to the picture too.

We had a body puzzle out, and a wooden ABC puzzle too.

We sang some Bean Bag songs, - "bean bag train", We balanced bean bags on our head, foot, back, etc as we moved around the room.

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