Friday, September 17, 2010

Classroom Activities for Friday, September 17, 2010

Willow Room:

The children are getting used to school as this was their first full week. We had some tears, but they all end in jut a few minutes and I am confident they will be coming in fine in just a few more days. They will not even remember they once were scared. The teachers have done a wonderful job getting them all to feel comfortable and safe. the children really enjoy going outside and also seem to love music time. We have been lucky to have good weather this week so we could get outside. They really enjoy their outside time.

Today in the Willow Room we read a book called "Yes we can" about some friends who started out not being very nice to each other, but then they learned to play together nicely. We did gluing for art today and had dot painters at the easels. We did some cooking in the play house and played with the trains too. We had a great morning. We always enjoy the music.

Maple Room:

We read "Going on a bear hunt" by Helen Oxenbury, but before we could read the book we had to go on a book hunt as our book was hiding. We found it mixed in with the the puzzles, so we were able to read it.
We sang two different versions of the "Bear Hunt song"

We used dot type painters to make "bear stomping prints" for art. The children were also busy building with the blocks, painting at the easel and making their own creations at the free art table.

It is nice to see them all so busy and involved. We enjoyed going out to the playground again today. We have fun in the sand, running around, and going down the slide.

Our class was busy in the dramatic corner today, making phone calls and taking care of babies. The block area was also a popular spot today.

Oak Room- Pre-K

We continued our series of "If you..." books by Laura Numeroff. Today we read "If you give a Pig a Party" and we had the children work on our version of the story, "If you give a snake a ...."

At the art table we we gave the children some tempra paint, and cornstarch. They mixed the paint and cornstarch and painted their picture. The cornstarch give sit a different consistency and also a different look when the picture dries.

We had out some table activities including writing names on magnetic boards, and a counting activity with wooden rings. The children also enjoy making creations out of Legos.

We are beginning to learn the alphabet, we work on upper and lower case, practice writing the letters, think of words that begin with that letter and learn the sound the letter makes. This week we started with the letter "A".

We worked on learning letter sounds with an ABC sounds song. We enjoyed the playground again today.

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