Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday, September 20, 2010

All classes went outside today. Please remember jackets or sweaters on cool days. We go out if the temperatures are above 40 degrees and it is dry out.

Willow Room: MWF class:
We had a great day today, no tears from anyone. Everyone has finally realized this is a fun place to be and mom and dad will always come get them to go home.

The children used unusual objects to paint with today, we used an old hand bell, potato mashers, and other fun kitchen utensils. We love to experiment with different objects to create paintings.
We had some creative gluing materials at the free art table. We had chalk at the easels.

We read "Bear Shadow" by Frank Asch and we asked the question, "Do you have long hair or short hair?" We use the answers for some math activities, such as which has more? long or shirt hair, how many more? We will ask a question each day. We also started doing some basic calendar and weather activities which we will do each day.

We sang "over the deep blue sea", "If you are happy and you know it" and "Tommy Thumb". The children enjoy music time.

We are enjoying having your children with us in our class.

Maple Room:

We read "Franklin Goes to School" . Music was "There's a dog in school", "The September song" , and "jump down turn around".
We also used potato mashers and other fun cooking utensils to paint with in class today and the children did a lot of free art too. We did a number sequencing game at second circle, everyone got a stick with a number and part of a picture on it, we put them in order to create the pictures. The block area and kitchen were hot spots today.

Oak Room:

We read a book by Jamie Lee Curtis called "I'm gonna like me".
We used a mirror to look at ourselves and make a self portrait. We used yarn for hair, looked at what we were wearing to add clothes and we look great. The pictures are hanging in the hall, outside our room, see if you can guess which one is your child.

We sang "Animal Actions" and some other body movement songs.

We are talking about the letter "B" this week. We do a different activity each day to help reinforce the understanding of the letter "B".

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