Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Activities for Tuesday, November 10

All classes went outside today.

willow room- t/th class

"We read the Farm Book" by Jan Pfloog. It talks about farm ife for children and all the chores they have to do before they go to school.

We did finger painting with chocolate pudding to create a process for our muddy pigs from our farm.

We had mosaic pattern picture boards out, magnetic letters, stringing beads, and a vocabulary classification board on the tables today.

We sang "Pass the bean bag" and "Couch potato pokey".

We have straw in our sensory table with farm animals.

Oak room:

We did the felt board story of the 3 little pigs. We then did our art project using "wind" like the wolf who blew down the houses. We put paint on paper and blew through a straw to move the paint around to create a design.

We have a construction site in our dramatic play corner.

For music we did "5 little pigs" and "Pigs in houses"

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