Friday, November 6, 2009

activities for Thursday, Nov. 6

All classes went out to the playground today. We are having fun raking leaves, jumping in the piles, and using big trucks to move them around.

Willow room-T/th class

We read cocka doodle moo! a Barnyard Hulabaloo by Bernard Most

We have a new dramatic corner set up- "the Willow Farm"- check it out.

We have various farm puzzles, sorting animals, magnetic alphabet, shape sorters, and we have puppets in our farm area too.

We sang "Old McDonald had a farm" and there is a dog in the farm song.

We made corn muffins this morning with the children and home made butter. We shook and shook a jar of cream until it turned into butter. We ate the muffins and butter for snack.

Oak Room:

"Wake up, Oliver" by Sue Hendra was our story. It is about an owl that stays up during the day and discovers the sun, and different animals. It is part of our theme on nocturnal animals.

We did nighttime pictures- dip nighttime shapes- star, moon, etc. in glue and then sprinkle glitter on top.

We had shapes puzzles out, a magnetic color maze, and snap together blocks. Our dramatic corner is changing into a vet office with stuffed animals.

for music, we did a new version of the hokey pokey.

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