Thursday, November 12, 2009

Activities for Thursday, Nov. 12

All classes went outside today.

Willow Room:

Our story was "The little red hen" and our question today was "Do you like bread?

We painted with real wheat and with feathers. we had magnets at the easel.

We had some farm puzzles, animal puzzles, bead stringing for fine motor skills, and shape magnet boards.

We sang "animals on the farm" to the tune of wheels on the bus.
We did the "Turkey Hop".

We had our "muddy pigs out today- plastic pigs in a cornstarch, water and brown paint mixture. We had hay and farm animals in our sensory table.

Oak Room:

We read a variation of the 3 little pigs today. We made paper houses-
when you open the door we glued pictures of pieces of furniture inside. We had turkey shapes at the easel with glue and colorful feathers.

We did some insect sorting in a tray, we had hammers and golf tees too.

We sang a syllable song- we tapped out syllables using rhythm sticks.

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