Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Activities for Monday, November 9

All classes went outside today.

Willow Room:MWF class

"The farm book" by Jan P Floog was our story toady. We also checked at circle to see if our pretend hen hatched her eggs.

We finger painted with chocolate pudding!

We had puzzles of various kinds, alphabet beads, vocabulary classification- colors.

Music:- 2 little blackbirds, pas the bean bag, couch potato pokey

Muddy pigs: We made a solution of cornstarch, water and paint and we put little pigs into the "mud pie" which was such messy fun.

We have straw/hay and farm animals in our sensory table.

Maple room:

Our story was"Run turkey run" by Diane Maur

We did corn roll painting- we rolled dried feed corn in a box with paint and made designs on the paper. We had toothbrush painting at the easels.

We did our "November song", "Letter sounds song", and "turkey in the straw" for music today.

We are talking about the letter "E"

Oak room:

We read "the 3 little pigs story" by Paul Galdone
We read the story, we retell the story and the children act out the story this week.

For our art project today, we had the children cut out three houses and glued them onto blue paper. They then added "straw", sticks, and bricks" to make houses like the three pigs made. We used a stamper to add pigs to our picture too.

We are talking abou the letter "I".

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