Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Activities for Wednesday, Oct. 21


All classes went outside- it is beautiful out today!

Willow room- MWF class

Our story today was "It's pumpkin time" by Zoe Hall

Our question of the day was "what color leaf do you like best?- red, yellow. orange, or brown and red had the most votes on our graph.
We looked at our pumpkin and talked about what our pumpkin was like; we will cut it next week.

We made pumpkin prints using the top half of a small pumpkin dipped in orange glitter paint. At the easels we had shape magnets and also we had a pumpkin shape and pieces of black paper cut into jack-o-lantern pieces to make a face on the pumpkins.

At free art we took the orange pictures we had painted on Monday, our teacher had cut them into pumpkin shapes and we used black paper and glue to put faces on our pumpkins.

We had new soft orange playdough today. We had out some sorting games and pumpkins that we put Mr. Potato head pieces on to make Mr. Pumpkin head.

We had leaves in our sensory table.

For music we sang "down around the corner at the pumpkin patch", Brown bear, brown bear"

Maple room- MWF class

We read The falling leaves and the scarecrow" by Steve Metzger

We did marble painting at the tables with orange paint. At the easels we had pumpkin shapes with orange paint.

We did the October song, pumpkin patch, and Underneath the broomstick for music today.

Oak room-
We read "The oak tree" by Laura Jane Coats

We are starting to talk about nocturnal animals (animals who are out at night, and asleep during the day)

We had small lego blocks and we had beans and measuring cups in the sensory table.

We worked in our journals today- we made letter "F" pictures

We brought in a large car garage, the children enjoyed it.

We drew faces on a large pumpkin with washable markers and erased them to do it again and again.

For music today we did :Match upper case letter to lower case letter and ring the bell when we make a match. Bean bag activities and songs too.

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