Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Activities for Tuesday, Oct. 6

We were in the gym today since it was raining outside, we had trikes, with the gas pump, basketballs and the basketball hoop and balls out today.

Willow Room- Tue/Thur.

Our story today was the verbal story about the "little house with no doors and no windows" and at the end of the story the surprise is a star inside an apple.

For art today, we made apple prints with real apples. If you cut an apple crosswise, you will find a star inside. At the easel, we had apple shape stencils and rollers to paint with red and green paint.

We had an apple sort pompom game, farm animal color sort, and an alphabet magnetic puzzle out at the table today.

For music we did "The silly dance contest", "face the facts" and 2 little apples.

Our sensory table has small plastic pumpkins in it now with the rice.

Oak Room:

We read "10 apples up on top" by Theo LeSeig

For art, we made apple prints using real apples.

We played a guessing game with apples and worms, guessing which apple has the worm hidden behind? We did sorting animals.

We had cornstarch and water today, this is a great, fun, sensory experience. The substance has a liquid and solid feel.

We talked about the sense of taste today. We are talking about the letter "D" and we played a group game of color and shape Bingo.

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