Thursday, October 1, 2009

Activities for Wednesday, Sept. 30

Willow Room- MWF

Our story today was "Happy Birthday Moon" by Frank Asch and our question today was "Do you have a teddy bear?" We graphed the yes and no answers and counted and compared them. At our second circle today we did our weather chart, the days of the week and a color bear game.

For creative art today we used black paper and dipped chalk in sugar water to create a different look than you normally get from chalk. At the easels we had
different textured stampers and red, blue, yellow and green paint.

For music today we did the "Teddy Bear song" and "The Cool Bear Hunt song".

We went out to the playground today- we were watching the airplanes in the sky.

Maple Room- MWF class:

We read "Ten apples up on top" by Theo LeSieg and we followed that up with an apple activity at art. We made apple suncatchers to hang in our classroom windows. We did these by having an apple outline shape and the middle was wax paper. The children glued different colors of tissue paper onto the wax paper to creat a colorful suncatcher center.
At the easels we had apple stencils with paint and rollers.

For our movement/music time we did "way up high in the apple tree", "Who picked the apple from the apple tree", "Today is Monday" and "Pass the apple".

We went outside to the playground today.

We introduced the estimating jar, each week we will put objects in a jar and the children try to "guess" or estimate how many they think are in the jar. We then count to see how many were really in the jar.

We also did a game of balancing bean bags on top of our heads.

Oak Room:

We are talking about our sense of sight now, and we read "Arthur's eyes" by Marc Brown. We made "stain glass" designs by sticking tissue paper onto contact paper inside a leaf or acorn shape. We will hang them in our classroom windows for decoration.

We had a number train puzzle, snap together building blocks, and ABC magnetic puzzles out today.

We did some songs from the CD "Sally the Swinging Snake" by Hap Palmer and we used ribbons to dance to the music.

We worked in our journal notebooks drawing "c" pictures. We added some science materials like binoculars, kaleidoscope, magnifying glasses to demonstrate the use of sight.

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