Friday, October 9, 2009

Activities for Thursday, Oct. 8

All clases were in the gym today with trikes, hula hoops, balls, basketball hoop and tunnel.

Willow Room- T/TH

Our story was "10 apples up on top" by Theo Lesieg and we are continuing to work on name recognition at circle time.

We made "apple tree pictures" by using a cork dipped in red paint to make apples for our green construction paper trees.

We had a classifying board out, some alphabet stringing beads, and some mini pompoms to sort onto apple trees.

We sang "the couch potato pokey", "skinnamarink" and "the apple tree"

Remind your children to sneeze into their elbows- we worked on that today in school.

Maple Room- Thursday class

Our story was "We are going on a leaf hunt" by Steve Metzger

We did finger painting with red and yellow paint because the leaves are turning red and yellow this fall. The colors of paint also combined to make another leaf color- orange.
We had fun making different shapes in the fingerpaint, writing our names withour fingers and just feeling the paint squish through our fingers.

The children got to pick songs today- we sang "Jump Jim Joe", "ABC's ,""Today is Monday", and "Brightly colored leaves."

In class we took a tube and put it at different heights to see which height would shoot the car the farthest. We found the teacher's chair worked the best.

Oak Room-

Our story was "My Hands" by Aliki

For art today, we brushed glue inside a stencil and sprinkled sand on it to make a texture picture. We had out texture puzzles and a feely box since we are talking about the sense of touch.

For music we did "10 little fingers rhyme", "The finger band has come to town"

We did a graph about "do you have the letter "d" in your name?

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