Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Read to your child every day!

Read, read, read, and read some more! 

Children who are read to daily have a much larger vocabulary by the time they begin kindergarten than children who are not read to as often. They also are more inquisitive, prepared to learn and do better in school.

We read to the children every day at preschool, in our story time, often in small groups or just to a child individually.  

Parents should read with your child every day, and yes, they love repetition and they love to have the same book read over and over again.  These books get tiresome to parents, but children love them because they are familiar, they know what is coming next and can follow the story.  

When you read with your child, move your finger along under the words, and if there is a book with a word that is repeated over and over like " hops", have your child " read that word" when you come to it.

Talk about the pictures and the story, ask questions about what they see or what they think might happen next. Rather than test questions like " what color is the car? Or how many boats are there?" Ask questions your child can think about, like " where do you think the boat will go? Or what do you think he and his friends will do at the park?" Or even " what do you think will happen next?"

Model reading for your child, let them see that you read for information, but also for enjoyment.

Utilize your local library.  We are so fortunate to have many wonderful libraries in our area and most of them allow you to check books out if you have a library card to any local library.  You can get a library card free with proof of residency.  The library has computers, books, some toys, puzzles, cd's and movies, plus so much more.  The librarians are a wonderful resource to help you choose appropriate books too.

We also have a small lending library at our entrance door.  Please feel free to borrow a book, take it home to read and bring it back.

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