Sunday, August 28, 2016

Large motor gym time

Gym time

When we have a rainy day, ( or cold or snowy), we have our large motor time indoors in our "gym". The children get large motor time every day. Some schools go outside in inclement weather, but we don't.  We are lucky to have great space indoors and rather than using the time to get everyone prepared to go outside, we spend that time in our gym.  We also have many children who do not have the proper clothing to play outdoors in bad weather.  We go outside if it is generally above 40 degrees and dry.

We have a variety of equipment we can bring out so we can vary it quite a bit.

We have:
Low style Trikes of different sizes
Basketball net and balls
Hula hoops
Ball targets
Bean bag toss
Balance beams ( low on the floor ones)
Balance boards
Rocking alligator
Rocking boat
Tunnels to ride trikes or scooters through
Mini parachutes
Hockey/soccer nets.

Plus a large open space to play action, movement games.

Plus all those things I am forgetting. While we love our great playground, we are grateful to have this space right in our building and available each day we can't get outside.

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