Sunday, August 28, 2016

Attendance board at preschool

Arrival time

Welcome to our classroom.

Each day when the children arrive, they come into the room, are greeted by a teacher and find their name which is printed on "something".  They take their name and move it to the " I am here board, can, magnet board".  This takes on different forms in each room and changes as the year goes along.  

Usually in September, the children just find their name and put it in the "arrived" spot.  Later, in the year, in the older age  rooms, they spell their name, it changes to last name, it changes to address and to phone number.  In the younger age rooms, just helping the children recognize their written name is the goal. By about mid year, most of the children can recognize everyone else's name too.  

The format changes for the attendance board too.  In the oak room it might be little astronauts and they add their name to a rocket ship attendance board.  In the willow room last year, the children's names were on an envelope shape and they put them in a mail box.  

Another reason we greet this way is that it gives the teachers a minute to say good morning and welcome to each child.

In the pre k room the attendance board is taken to circle time and the class helper counts how many children are at school today and how many are absent.  

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