Thursday, May 1, 2014

Trinity Preschool Activities for Thursday, April 1, 2014

Oak Room; Pre- k class

We read "The butterfly house" by Eve Bunting

We cut paper to make it look like grass.  This was a good fine motor and following directions project as the children needed to make small snips in the green construction paper without cutting all the way through the paper to the other end.  It will become the grass on our "house".
We planted grass seed to make a front lawn for our houses and the children also cut out a triangle shape to be the house and decorated it.

We did Moving every day, an action song for music time/gym time today as it was another rainy day.

We turned our dramatic play area into a pizza parlor.  Was it ever busy! 

Willow Room- T/TH class

"Whoosh went the wind" is the story we read today.  The author is Sally Derby

We glued fun foam stickers onto a special Mother's Day project.

We painted with long rollers with patterns on them on turtle shapes at the easel.

We played with balloons and paddles in the hall for gym time today.

We did a science experiment with cotton balls and water.  The cotton balls are like clouds, they soaked up the water in the cup and then when they could not hold any more water, it dripped out, like rain.

We also read "Who likes rain?" by Wong Herbert Yee

Maple Room: Thursday class

We read two Franklin books, "Franklin is messy" and "Franklin finders keepers" 

We did a writing activity with special "May words"

We did a math activity with adding and subtracting.  The children were the number line, we took some and added some and added or subtracted the numbers.

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