Sunday, May 4, 2014

Trinity Preschool Activities for Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Willow Room- Terrific 2's and 3's 

We read "Otto and Bob" today.

We painted on wax paper, using aluminum foil that is scrunched up into a ball and dipped into colorful paint.

We used oil pastels on butterfly shapes or ant shapes.

We did some action songs for our gym time today.

We did stringing beads today.

We did some butterfly rhymes, each child had a butterfly ring to wear for the rhymes.

Our butterflies are opened up.

Oak Room:  Pre-k class

We read "The crunching munching caterpillar" by Sheridan Cain and "Where does the butterfly go when it rains?" by May Garelick 

We worked on a special project for Mother's Day.  We also played with shaving cream at the art table.

We practiced our songs for our Mother's Day tea.

We did a graph of how many letters are in our last name.

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