Thursday, January 12, 2012

Trinity Preschool Activities for Wednesday, January 11, 2012

We played outside one last time before the snow.

Stay & Play:
We read "The snow blew Inn" by Dian Curtis
We put paint in egg cups to mix on paper and make new colors. We did "on the count of 5" and mitten shop at music time.
We had rice in the sensory table.

Willow Room- MWF

We read " ABC animal Jamboree" by Giles Andreae

Do you have the letter B in your name? We graph the results and make comparisons.

We made a texture collage- we used different materials to make a special picture.

We did the couch potato pokey, and dog in school for music.

We talked about our 5 senses- today we focused on touch.

Maple Room:

We read "The Hat" by Jan Brett

We painted on textured shelf liner and then made prints, we will turn them into hats. We used blue, and purple glitter paint.
We had hat shapes with textured stampers at the easel.

We did the January song, winter song, snowman pokey, 5 little snow flakes,
WE did several dances using scarves: dancing with blue scarves, sally the swinging snake, and freeze dance.
We did letter K activities, a mitten match game, real mittens the children could use clothespins and attach to a clothesline, and a hidden snowball game (numbers 1-12)

Oak Room:

We read "Bear snores on" by Karma Wilson and Jane Chapman

We worked in our journals on the letter O.

We did a bears sleeping color rhyme and acted it out, and we did a mitten song.

We did an ice cube experiment- which ice cube melts fastest, put in cold water, warm water, wrap in plastic wrap or wrap in foil. The one in foil latest longest.

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