Sunday, January 22, 2012

ABC's on bottle caps- Home learning activity

A great way to recycle bottle caps for a learning activity!

You can use any kind of bottle cap, but if you choose all the same kind it will allow you to do more things with them.

These are made with Avery labels and printed alphabet letters- pick a font that looks the most like traditional letters children learn to write. You can just put a plain circle sticker on them and use a marker to draw each letter too.

I have upper case letters on the outside and the same lower case letter on the inside and I have multiple of each letter. You could also have a separate set of upper case and a set of lower case- all on the outside of the cap. You could also put the letters on the inside of the cap and put a magnet on the outside of the cap- use on a magnetic board.

Make a set with numbers too- you can do many of the same activities with numbers.

Some of the activities that can be done with these:
  1. Put them in alphabetical order with the upper case letter showing.
  2. Find the lower case letter and match it to the correct upper case letter.
  3. Spell words- start with your child's name
  4. Sort letters into a box with 26 compartments.
  5. Find all the letters that have straight lines
  6. Find all the letters with curves
  7. Pick a letter and say the sound it makes.
  8. Put all the letters in a bag and reach in, pull one out and say what letter it is....take turns with your child.
  9. Put 5 of the letters out on the table in order. Have your child close his/her eyes and remove one letter- see if they can figure out what letter is missing. If they can't guess the letter, make the sound and see if they can guess it. Now you take a turn.
  10. If you write letters on only one side, and make two sets, play memory with them. Only use a few letters for the game.
  11. Pick out a letter and on a dry erase board or paper, write that letter.

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  1. It is a lovely technique to make children learn about new things with the use of bottlecaps.