Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Trinity Preschool Activities for Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Welcome back and Happy New year to the rest of our families who returned to us today. We were happy to see everyone.

Stay & Play: We read "Sneezy the snowman" by Maureen Wright
We painted with different objects that are circle shape in various sizes- we dipped them in glitter paint.

We used rhythm sticks for music time today- we did "The tempo marches on by Jim Gill, and the feelings song, by Hap Palmer. We also did Turn around by Hap Palmer.

We played in the pretend bear cave set up in the Oak room.

Willow Room- MWF class

We read "The Dot" by Peter H Reynolds and we asked the children about their holiday break?

We painted using tempra paint and regular brushes. They children really love to paint!

We sang "Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear"; "Put your finger in the air" and "Little Fish"

We had a lot of great sharing during art time today. The children shared paint and traded colors with each other. Great manners.

Maple Room:

"The snowy day " was our book today by Ezra Jack Keats. This is a classic story! We had a beautiful non snowy day today outside though! We might even get out to play later in the week if it stays so nice.

We did ice cube painting with frozen water colors on watercolor paper. We froze watercolor water in ice cube trays with popscicle sticks in them. Then the children paint with them and as they melt a little, the vibrant colors show up on the paper.

We had snowflake shapes at the easels with clue, purple and silver glitter paint.

We did the months song, the January song, the winter song, pass the snowball, list of dances and today is Monday! A lot of music!

We did letter J activities and we played a roll the snowman dice game.

We also froze some winter objects in ice and the children dripped water onto the blocks of ice using eye droppers to free the objects.

Oak Room:

We read "One winter's day" by Christina Butler and "One Winter's Night" by Claire Freedan

We worked on our journals with practicing writing the letter N and drawing a picture of something that starts with the letter N.

We sang "The Cool Bear hunt" and "Snowman, snowman, turn around".

We did a science experiment today- we talked about how animals build up fat for the winter and to show how that helps them stay warm we took an ice cube and held it- it was cold. Then we had crisco in a baggie and placed it on our hand, then put the ice cube on top of it. We cold not even feel the cold at all. It was like a layer of fat to keep us warm.

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