Friday, January 13, 2012

Trinity Preschool Activities for Friday, January 13, 2012

We had a snow storm last night, it is all pretty and white out our windows. We don't go out and play in the snow, but we bring it inside to enjoy it!

We played in the gym today.

Stay & Play:

We read "Ten on the sled" by Kim Norman
We dipped chalk in sugar water and then drew on dark blue paper. It makes the color brighter.

We did My kitten's mitten rhyme, Sammy song, and snowman pokey for music.
We brought in legos, and snow to drip colored water on to make rainbow snow.

Willow Room: MWF class

We had Pastor Dan as our guest reader today. He read "Thanks to the animals" by Allen Sockabasin

We made a chart of words that start with the letter B

We did a group art activity today- we had a big sheet of paper and all kids of stampers in the shape of the letter B- we used many different colors .

We did the snowflake song and used pretend snowflakes to float down and catch, we did the snowman song.

We made rainbow snow. We brought tubs of snow into the room and used eye droppers with watercolors to drip onto the snow. It was beautiful!

Maple Room

We read "Tacky the Penguin" by Helen Lester

We did a cutting project for the penguins bodies and dab a dot painters

We had snowflake stencils at the easel with roller brushes.

We did the January song, winter song, 5 little penguins, I am a little snowman, Jump, Jim, Joe, and the Freeze dance for music.

We practiced the letter K on dry erase boards.

Oak Room:

We read "Bear feels scared" by Karma Wilson and Jane Chapman

We did a name collage. We made the outline of each child's name and they glued objects on the outline of their name.

We dripped water onto snow using eye droppers.

We used rhythm sticks to tap out the syllables of our names. We did the elephant song and stomped around the room to the beat using the rhythm sticks beat too.\

We talked about what starts with the letter O?

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