Thursday, November 11, 2010

Activities for Wed. Nov. 11. 2010

Another beautiful day to be outside.....what a great day! We raked leaves.

Willow Room:

We are having fun with our farm and our question today was "What does a farmer do?" We read a story called "The little pig" by Pat Hutchins

We fingerpainted with chocolate pudding (to look like mud)

We played with muddy piggies- toy pigs in a mixture of cornstarch and water to look like mud.

We did the bean bag boogie using bean bags, and turkey in the red barn, a rhyming song.

the children also used their fingers to remove corn from the cobs.

Maple Room:

We read "Sometimes it's turkey, sometimes it's feathers" by Lorna Balian

We had paint and stampers to make our vests for our Thanksgiving feast.
We had turkey stampers at the easel with glitter paint and brushes.

We sang the November song, I'm a little turkey, turkey feathers and pass the turkey.

We did letter "F" activities and we did some water play using eye droppers and sponges.

Oak Room:

The children acted out the Three little pigs story using puppets.

We did journal work for the letter I, the children wrote the letter and drew a picture of something that starts with the letter I.

They are enjoying our construction zone.

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