Sunday, November 14, 2010

Activities for Thursday, November 11, 2010

Willow Room:

We read "The little Pink Pig" by Pat Hutchins

We finger painted with chocolate pudding, we made piggie prints.

We sang Take a bean bag and turkey in the red barn

We had fun on the playground raking leaves

We had cornstarch with brown color in it to look like mud, we played with pigs in the mud. We also had feeder corn and we picked the kernels off into our sensory table.

Oak Room:

We did a different version of the three little pigs, called "The three little wolves and the big bad pig" by Eugene Trivizas

We cut out a house shape and glued pictures of furniture inside. We had turkey shapes and glitter paint at the easel.

We sang "Two little blackbirds" and "little bunny foo foo"

We had large waffle blocks in the dramatic corner and we pretended we were constructing houses.

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