Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Activities for Tuesday, Nov. 9, 2010

We played outside and used rakes to rake up the fallen leaves. We had fun!

Willow Room: T/TH
We read "Who took the farmer's hat?" by Joan Nodest
Our question was "What do farmer's do?

We glued leaves to paper plates to make a fall wreath.
We used special pine needle paint brushes at the easel.

We sang "There is a dog in school", but we sang it about farm animals
We also sang The turkey hop and Little fish

We added a horse to our farm corner.

Oak Room:

We did a felt board story of "The three little pigs"

We painted with potato mashers to look like bricks, we used red and white paint.

We sang "Today is Monday, and One little pig went out to play.

The children are very busy exploring our construction zone- check it out.

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