Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Activities for Wednesday, April 21

Willow room- mwf class

What makes a rainbow? by Betty Ann Schwartz was our story today. We asked the children if they had ever seen a rainbow.

We made rainbows out of colored popcorn. We took plain popcorn and shook it in a bag with powdered paint. We had small broken pieces of crayons at the easel to help strengthen fine motor muscles.

We practiced our Mother's Day songs and we sang the pirate ship song. We played in our doctor's office and our flower shop.

We played outside today.

Maple room:

we read Michael Recycle by Ellie Bethal

We talked about earth day today. We turned off the lights for some of our morning and just used natural light from our windows. We made a rolled beads necklace for earth day using recycled materials. At the easels we painted on newspaper!

We sang our April song, and 3 r's (reduce, recycle and reuse)

We are beginning to learn our addresses.

We played outside- thank you earth!

Oak Room:

We read Mister Seahorse by Eric Carle

We did a watercolor process for a surprise project.

We had some colored linking shapes to arrange in a pattern out today, a lego building project, and duplo blocks out too. We also had out magnetic fishing games.

We played match the fish- a color changing story.

We had our estimating jar out today.

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