Monday, April 26, 2010

Activities for Monday, April 26

All classes went outside today.

Willow Room: MWF class

We read "Planting a rainbow" by Lois Ehlert and asked the children if they have ever planted a garden?

We planted grass seeds today. We had painting at the easel today with colors cantaloupe, magenta, and green apple.

We had out puzzles, a vocabulary classification board, a fun foam building board, an alphabet maze and a number game.

We are practicing our Mother's Day songs and we did children's request songs.

We have fake flowers in our sensory table, we read a second book today called Show me your smile.

Maple Room:

We read Clifford's Spring Clean Up by Norman Bridwell

We made flowers out of egg cartons.

We practiced our Mother's Day songs. We are learning about the letter "U".

Oak Room:

We read "Because a little bug went Ka-choo!" by Roseta Stone

We were working on a special picture today- you will have to wait to see it.

We sang our ABC sounds song and we practiced our Mother's Day songs.

We changed our dramatic corner into a housekeeping corner.

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