Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Activities for Tuesday, April 20

Willow Room:T/TH class

Our story today was "Two little caterpillars" and we looked at how our caterpillars are changing. We asked the question "Did you ever fly a kite?"

We started making some caterpillars using egg cartons. We painted them green or brown.

We had some shape puzzles- basic shapes. We had a car puzzle and some rhyming word puzzles.

We practiced mother's day songs.

We played outside today. We have a flower shop in our sensory table and our doctor's office is open in the dramatic corner.

Oak Room:

Our story today was "Where does the butterfly go when it rains?" By May Garelick

We are making butterfly wings to go with our toilet paper tubes. The tubes will be the butterfly bodies and this will be the wings. We used paint and rolling sprinkle balls to make the wings.

We sang "Come and buy a butterfly, put your finger on and missing fish.

We did "My ,oh, my, a butterfly. we brought some new toys into the room.

We played outside today.

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