Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Activities for Friday, February 26, 2010

Willow Room- MWF class

Our questions was "Who brought you to school today?"
Our story was "If you give a pig a pancake by Laura Numeroff

We did sponge dots in glitter paint. We will turn them into stars to decorate our classroom.

We had big pieces of chalk on blue paper at the easels.

We had out a new fruit patterning game, a sorting game, and some beads and stringing.

We sang "Sally the swinging snake"," put your hands up in the air" and "something special" all from Hap Palmer Cd's.

In the gym today we played with the parachute and balloons- we tried to make the balloons fly off the parachute by bouncing it up and down.

We have a new ball and tube toy in the room and styrofoam pieces in the sensory table.

Maple Room:

We are talking about construction and enjoying our construction zone in our dramatic play area. We had a special visitor today, one of the dad's came in and brought some tools, work aprons and a project. He showed the children how to follow the plans and build a wheel barrow planter. The children really enjoyed this special visitor.

We played in the gym with the parachute and balloons and tried to bounce the balloons off the parachute too.

Oak Room;

We read "Wilbur's Space Machine by Lorna Balian

We did a number of balloon activities today:

We did balloon drop painting (a lesson in gravity) The balloons contained sand.
Our teacher made a balloon rocket- she blew up a balloon, but didn't tie it off. She then attached it to a string that was kept down low on one end and attached up high on the other. We counted backward from 10 to the blastoff and she let go of the balloon and it scooted up the string. We tried it several different ways to see which worked best. Sometime the balloon just spun around the string and did not go anywhere, and sometimes it went right up the string to the top.

We sang jump to Jupiter and action space song. We also sang our planet song.

In the gym we played with the balloons and the parachute and we also did some partner games with the balloons. We did relay races, and played catch the balloons.

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