Wednesday, October 28, 2009

activities for Wed. Oct. 28

All classes played in the gym today.

Willow room- mwf class

Our story today was "Clifford's Halloween" and we asked the children "What costume would you like to wear?"

We made Halloween stamper prints with cats, dogs and pumpkin stampers dipped in paint. At free art we had Halloween stickers the children could put on paper.

We had a number peg puzzle, bead stringing, for fine motor and counting activities and a shape shadow match for a visual perception activity.

We played "pass the pumpkin to music" and sang "Pumpkin in the red barn"

Maple Room

We read "Franklin's Halloween" by Paulette Bourgeois

We worked on our journals today and at the easel we had acorn shape paper with fall glitter colors and dot painters.

We sang out "October song" and "Jump Jim Joe" and I am a little scarecrow"

We had the estimating jar, we voted for the pumpkin face we wanted carved and we carved our class pumpkin today.

Oak Room:

Our story today was "The little old lady who was not afraid of anything" by Linda Williams

We also voted for which face to put on the pumpkin.

We had "G" puzzles and activities out today and domino puzzle.

We sang "opposites song with actions" and "List of dances"

We carved our pumpkin today and we touched the "goo" inside the pumpkin.

activities for tuesday, Oct. 27

All classes played in the gym today.

Willow Room- t/th

Our story today was "When autumn falls" by Kelli Nedey

For art we scrunched up different colors of tissue paper and glued them onto a leaf shape to make fall leaves. We had magnetic letters at the easel.

Some of our table activities were to sort different colors of animals into matching color bowls. A matching game where the children find the matching object and card.
A shape peg game and a vocabulary classification game. The children also have been enjoying the extra train sets we brought into the room.

For music we sang "Please pass the peas" and "Everybody has a face".

We carved our pumpkin today and we asked "What do you think is inside the pumpkin?"

Oak Room

Our story today was "The pumpkin patch" by Margaret McNamara

We made Jack-o-lanterns out of orange construction paper. The children cut on a line we made and when folded and stapled, it made a cute pumpkin jack-o-lantern.

Music: "Come and buy a pumpkin", pumpkin in the brown straw", and jack-o-lantern went out to play.

We are talking about the letter "G" and we continue to talk about nocturnal animals.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Activities for Friday, October 23

All classes stayed in to play in the gym today due to the rain. We had trikes, balance beams, the rocking alligator, and bowling, out today.

Willow Room- MWF class

Our story today was "Pooh's Fall Harvest" by Isabel Gaines and was read to the children by Pastor Dan as a guest reader.

Our painting project today was rolling corn cobs back and forth in a box to paint a fun design. At the easel we used magnetic pieces to make a face on pumpkin shapes.

We had puzzles, magnetic letters, a tree color matching game and some pumpkin activities out today. We also had real pumpkins and Mr. Potato head pieces so the children made "Mr. Pumpkin Head"

We sang "Tommy Thumb" , "Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear", and "2- little blackbirds" for music today.

Maple Room- MWF class

We read "The biggest pumpkin ever" by Elizabeth Bennett

Our art project today was to make a pumpkin lantern which made a cute lantern and was also a good cutting project for the children. At the easels we had pumpkin shapes with orange paint.

The children put together a large ABC floor puzzle today; we also played a number game.

We sang our October song, Bean Bags- Balance and Take that bean bag songs; we did "The silly dance contest", and "Tommy thumb".

We did some animal walks today in the gym too.

Oak Room:

We read "The apple pie tree" by Zoe Hall

For art we did a cutting project today- the children cut out a circle for the top of a tree and a truck shape to make an apple tree. They used red ink and a cork to make apples on the tree.

Some of our table activities were word building puzzles, and a talking abc puzzle.

We did some songs using scarves, we danced and moved around the room with the scarves.

Activities for Thursday, October 22

All classes were in the gym today with trikes, alligator rocker, basketball hoop and balls.

Willow Room- T/Th class

Our book today was "It's pumpkin time" by Joe Hall and we looked at our class pumpkin and talked about what the pumpkin looks like.

For art today, we cut some mini pumpkins in half and used them to make pumpkin prints by pressing the pumpkin into orange glitter paint and pressing it onto black paper. At the easel we had orange chalk and black paper.

Our table activities were and apple sorting game, Mr. Pumpkin Head ( like Mr. Potato head, but we use real pumpkins!), and some new orange playdough with pumpkin shape cutters.

We sang a song called " buy a pumpkin in the pumpkin patch", each child gets a "penny" and gets to come up when their name is called to "buy" a flannel board pumpkin. It is a good listening skills song.
We also did a favorite of "brown bear, brown bear".

Oak Room:

We read "one smart skunk" by Harriet Ziefert
For the letter "F" we asked "Does your name have an "f" in it? Nobody has an "f" in their name.

For art today, we made leaf prints- we painted on real leaves and pressed paper onto it to make a print.

We had out number puzzles, magnetic writing boards, and "What picture doesn't belong cards?"

We did some bean bag activities for music, the train song where you move around the room balancing bean bags in different ways.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Activities for Wednesday, Oct. 21


All classes went outside- it is beautiful out today!

Willow room- MWF class

Our story today was "It's pumpkin time" by Zoe Hall

Our question of the day was "what color leaf do you like best?- red, yellow. orange, or brown and red had the most votes on our graph.
We looked at our pumpkin and talked about what our pumpkin was like; we will cut it next week.

We made pumpkin prints using the top half of a small pumpkin dipped in orange glitter paint. At the easels we had shape magnets and also we had a pumpkin shape and pieces of black paper cut into jack-o-lantern pieces to make a face on the pumpkins.

At free art we took the orange pictures we had painted on Monday, our teacher had cut them into pumpkin shapes and we used black paper and glue to put faces on our pumpkins.

We had new soft orange playdough today. We had out some sorting games and pumpkins that we put Mr. Potato head pieces on to make Mr. Pumpkin head.

We had leaves in our sensory table.

For music we sang "down around the corner at the pumpkin patch", Brown bear, brown bear"

Maple room- MWF class

We read The falling leaves and the scarecrow" by Steve Metzger

We did marble painting at the tables with orange paint. At the easels we had pumpkin shapes with orange paint.

We did the October song, pumpkin patch, and Underneath the broomstick for music today.

Oak room-
We read "The oak tree" by Laura Jane Coats

We are starting to talk about nocturnal animals (animals who are out at night, and asleep during the day)

We had small lego blocks and we had beans and measuring cups in the sensory table.

We worked in our journals today- we made letter "F" pictures

We brought in a large car garage, the children enjoyed it.

We drew faces on a large pumpkin with washable markers and erased them to do it again and again.

For music today we did :Match upper case letter to lower case letter and ring the bell when we make a match. Bean bag activities and songs too.

Tuesday, October 20

Willow Room: T/TH class

We read "We love fall" by Diane Muldrow

We sorted names by color to work on name recognition.

We used flat sponge brushes with orange paint and had shape magnets and pumpkin faces at the easel.

We did a sorting game with a "spider sorting game" we had some shape recognition games out and sorting apples on the trees by color.

We also had out small real pumpkins with holes punched in them and Mr. Potato head parts.

We sang"I like my hat" and "ABC sound song"

Oak Room:

We read "Autumn's first leaf" by Steve Metzger

We made fall leaves by coloring leaf shapes cut out of paper bags with fall colors of crayons. Then we put a layer of thinned brown paint over the crayons. After they dry we will crumple the paper to make some of the paint fall off.

We are talking about the letter "F"

Activities for Monday, Oct. 19

All class went out to the playground today.

Willow Room- MWF class

We read "We love fall" by Dinae Muldrow and our questions was "what did you do this weekend?"

We did roller painting with orange sugar paint and we had orange chalk on black paper at the easels.

We had Mr. potato head, a shape sort game and color sorting at the tables.

We sang" I like my hat", "Bubble gum", and 3 little pumpkins.

Maple room- MWF class

We read "Fall leaves fall" by Zoe Hall

We made leaf prints by painting the bumpy side of the leaf and pressing paper onto the paint to make a print. At the easel we had leaf stampers.

We sang" colorful leaves, 4 little leaves, and colored leaves"

We practiced writing the letter "B" which is our letter of the week.

Oak room-

We read "The falling leaves fall " by Steve Metzger

We painted bubble wrap with yellow paint. We pressed paper onto it to make a print. We will use the prints to make corn for our bulletin board.

We sang "leaves falling down" played a memory game of the squirrel behind the tree"

Friday, October 16, 2009

Preschool class activities for Friday, Oct. 16

We were in the gym again today since it was once again cold and rainy. We have had enough of this weather and the children seem to be reacting to the bad weather as well.

We had a special visitor today for the children: Firefighter Jim came to show us his special fire fighter uniform and how it keeps him safe in a fire. We got to see his helmet, his mask, his coat, fire pants, boots, and gloves. we learned he is here to help us in a fire and to not be afraid of him.

Willow Room:
Our story was "Firefighter for a day" and we had our visit with Firefighter Jim today. Our question today was "How are you feeling today?"

We decorated firefighter hats with dot painters. We had gluing on star shapes at free art today.

We did some shape match cards- circle, square, triangles; number recognition peg game and apple tree sort to work on color recognition.

we sang "Mr. Apple Worm", "Drive the Fire Truck", and "ABC song of letter sounds"

Maple room:

We read "Stop, Drop and Roll " by Margery Culler

We made stop, drop and roll shirts for art today. At the easel we had leaf shapes with water colors.

For music we did the chicken dance, tap your toes and follow me, and brown bear brown bear.

Oak Room:

Our story toady was "The growing story" by Ruth Krauss. We finished our all about me books and took them home today.

We made string paintings with fall colors- we folded paper in half and pulled yarn through the paper. We will turn them into colorful leaf pictures.

We had measuring activities out today, some measuring cards, and word building puzzles. We were measuring things with rulers, inch blocks and measuring tapes.

We sang "This old Man- (a rhyming song), and "stomp, stomp, clap."

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Activities for Thurday, Oct. 15

All classes went to the gym today due to rain- we had trikes, and basket balls out to play with.

Willow Room- T/TH

We had a new child start in our class today. Our story today was Fire Fighter for a Day and we had fire fighter Jim visit our class today. He put on his uniform and his air mask and showed us how he would sound if he ever came to help us in a fire.

We made fire fighter hats and decorated with stampers.

Easel- yellow and red glitter paint.

We had Mr. Potato head and pieces, , magnadoodle, and magnetic shapes out today.

Music: Mr. apple worm- flannel board- counting, ABC song- letter song- sounds of letters
and drive the fire truck

Maple Room- Thursday class

We read Mouse's first fall by Laura Thompson

We fingerpainted with shaving cream on big trays and traced circles with our fingers in the shaving cream.

We did some favorite songs, "dog in school", "Herman the worm" and "October song".

We played a rainbow color guessing game and worked on some floor puzzles.

Oak Room

We read "The biggest boy" by Kevin Henkes.

We worked on our self portrait pages for our "all about me book" , we brought in mirrors so the children could look at themselves to draw their self portrait. We measured how tall the children are.

We had out an apple tree matching game today- you place the correct number of apples on each tree.

We sang a phonics song called "funny fall animals", which helps children learn the sounds of beginning letters. we also sang "The ants go marching"

We had a visit today from Firefighter Jim and he put on his whole uniform and showed us what he would look like if he ever came to help us in a fire. He put on his mask and talked through it and breathed through it so we would know what it sounded like too.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wednesday's activities

All classes went to the gym today and used scooters, hula hoops, the balance beam, and the alligator teeter totter.

Willow Room- MWF class:

Our book today was "Apple Farmer Annie" by Monica Wellington. Our question today was "Do you like to bake? and we discussed the yes and no answers with the children further. Why not? or What do you like to bake?

We did our weather and calendar activities today.
For our project today we baked apple tarts!

At the easel, we painted using sponge shapes that are on a stick.

We had matching games, puzzles, number boards, letter beads and play dough with fall cookie cutters out today at choice time.

We sang "give me a clap", "Hello everybody", "yes, indeed", "tap your toe and follow me."

Maple Room- MWF class

We read "Mouse Paint" by Ellen Stoll Walsh about a little mouse who gets his feet in different colors of pant so they get all mixed up to make new colors. We asked the children what they thought mixing two colors would make and they told us their predictions, which we posted int eh hallway.

for art- we mixed paint colors- we used eye droppers and saw what new colors were made.
At the easels we had leaf shapes with red, yellow and blue paint.

In our sensory table we had corn.

For music we did our "October song", "List of Dances", "Stomp, stomp, clap" and "Underneath the broomstick".

Oak Room:

We read "More Parts" by Tedd Arnold

We worked in our journals today on the letter "e". we made handprints for a page in our all about me books.

For music we did "Old McDonald had a farm and leaves falling down.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Activities for Tuesday, Oct. 13

Willow room- t/th class:

We read "Apple Farmer Annie" by Monica Wellington

We baked apple tarts today and we ate them for snack. At the easels we had paint with unusual sponge brushes.

We had alphabet magnets out with magnetic boards, apple tree matching games, alphabet maze, peg boards, and vocabulary classification board out on the tables today.

We stayed in the gym today and played with balls, bouncing, throwing, rolling fun.

We sang "give me a clap", "Hello everybody" and "tap your toe and follow me"

Oak Room-

We read "Parts" by Tedd Arnold. We made covers for our "All about me books" today. Our art process was marble painting with marbles in a box and roll them back and forth to paint lines of different colors on the paper.

We sang and used the instruments for our music time today, We did "Old McDonald has a band" and "Deep in the Jungle".

We played with the parachute in the gym today.

We are talking about the letter "E". this week.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Activities for Friday, October 9

All classes went to the gym today- trikes, basketball, low balance beam and ring toss were set up.

Willow Room- MWF class-

Our story was "Mr. Bear's tree" by Faulkner/Lambea

Our question was "What do you think is inside an apple? Seeds? Juice?

For art we had an apple shape and sponge painted with red, yellow and green paint.

We also let the children use dry erase markers to draw pictures on the teachers board and then erase them- it was fun.

We had out alphabet mazes, a matching game, number puzzles, and more.

We cut open different color apples and looked inside - do diferent color apples look different inside? What about taste? Do they taste different? We had a taste test to find out.

For music we did "The swimming song" and "May there always be sunshine".

Maple Room:- MWF class

We read "Apple cider making days" by Ann Purmell

We wrote in our journals today- we did apple themed words.

We sang "Willaby Wolloby Woo", "October song", "Leaky Umbrella", and "Brightly colored leaves".

We had cornstarch and water to explore today in our sensory table.

Oak Room:

We read "Rain" by Manya Stojic which is a story about all 5 senses and it was perfect today since it was raining outside.

For art today, the children painted a picture and then we sprayed it with water like the rain, this is a favorite, fun activity.

We did the" 5 senses song", and "Mack chicken Dance".

We played a five senses game today- it is a sorting game where the children put the picture next to the sense you would use in that activity.

Activities for Thursday, Oct. 8

All clases were in the gym today with trikes, hula hoops, balls, basketball hoop and tunnel.

Willow Room- T/TH

Our story was "10 apples up on top" by Theo Lesieg and we are continuing to work on name recognition at circle time.

We made "apple tree pictures" by using a cork dipped in red paint to make apples for our green construction paper trees.

We had a classifying board out, some alphabet stringing beads, and some mini pompoms to sort onto apple trees.

We sang "the couch potato pokey", "skinnamarink" and "the apple tree"

Remind your children to sneeze into their elbows- we worked on that today in school.

Maple Room- Thursday class

Our story was "We are going on a leaf hunt" by Steve Metzger

We did finger painting with red and yellow paint because the leaves are turning red and yellow this fall. The colors of paint also combined to make another leaf color- orange.
We had fun making different shapes in the fingerpaint, writing our names withour fingers and just feeling the paint squish through our fingers.

The children got to pick songs today- we sang "Jump Jim Joe", "ABC's ,""Today is Monday", and "Brightly colored leaves."

In class we took a tube and put it at different heights to see which height would shoot the car the farthest. We found the teacher's chair worked the best.

Oak Room-

Our story was "My Hands" by Aliki

For art today, we brushed glue inside a stencil and sprinkled sand on it to make a texture picture. We had out texture puzzles and a feely box since we are talking about the sense of touch.

For music we did "10 little fingers rhyme", "The finger band has come to town"

We did a graph about "do you have the letter "d" in your name?

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Activities for Wednesday, Oct. 7

Willow Room- MWF class

Our story today was "10 apples up on top" by Theo LeSieg, and we made apple tree pictures for art. We had tree shapes cut out of green construction paper and made red apple shapes using corks dipped in red paint.

At the easel we made "apple seed pictures" by using special rollers which only made dots, black paint and red construction paper, so it ended up looking like little black apple seeds on the paper.

Our circle time question today was " Have you ever gone apple picking? yes or no?

Some of our table activities today were alphabet beads, magnetic letters and magnet board, shape peg boards, and color match board. We also had a special activity of matching the apple to the correct color tree.

We went outside to the playground today.

Our music was "couch potato pokey" , "the apple tree", and "skinnamarink".

We did a fun apple rhyme today- Five little apples sitting in a tree, teasing Mr. worm, you can't catch me. Along came a worm, as quiet as can be, CRUNCH!" Then you count down, 4, 3, 2, 1 apples. The childrne loved it.

Maple Room- MWF class: "The mouse and the apple" by Stephen Butler . We made some props to go with the story and used them to have the children retell the story with the props. They did a great job of remembering what came next which is great for comprehension. We then left the props out during choice time so the children could retell the story.

We made applesauce from scratch using apples the children brought to school. We also did a taste test to find out what color apple children liked the flavor of best.

At the easel we had apple shapes stencils with paint.

We went to the playground today.

Our music today was our "October song", "A-P-P-L-E" (which is like the song "B-I-N-G-O.") "Today is..." and Pass the Apple (like musical chairs)

We did some letter "A" activities today.

Oak Room:

Our story today was "I wish I had duck feet" by Theo LeSieg

We were talking about the sense of touch today and we fingerpainted with sand added to the paint to help understand the sense of touch. We also worked in our journals today- we drew pictures that begin with the letter "d".

We were so busy with everything else we did not get music in today.

we went outside to the playground.

We had a "feely box" today since we are talking about the sense of touch. The child puts their hand in the box and feels what is inside and tries to guess what it is without looking.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Activities for Tuesday, Oct. 6

We were in the gym today since it was raining outside, we had trikes, with the gas pump, basketballs and the basketball hoop and balls out today.

Willow Room- Tue/Thur.

Our story today was the verbal story about the "little house with no doors and no windows" and at the end of the story the surprise is a star inside an apple.

For art today, we made apple prints with real apples. If you cut an apple crosswise, you will find a star inside. At the easel, we had apple shape stencils and rollers to paint with red and green paint.

We had an apple sort pompom game, farm animal color sort, and an alphabet magnetic puzzle out at the table today.

For music we did "The silly dance contest", "face the facts" and 2 little apples.

Our sensory table has small plastic pumpkins in it now with the rice.

Oak Room:

We read "10 apples up on top" by Theo LeSeig

For art, we made apple prints using real apples.

We played a guessing game with apples and worms, guessing which apple has the worm hidden behind? We did sorting animals.

We had cornstarch and water today, this is a great, fun, sensory experience. The substance has a liquid and solid feel.

We talked about the sense of taste today. We are talking about the letter "D" and we played a group game of color and shape Bingo.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Activities for Monday, Oct. 5

Willow Room- MWF class

We are talking about apples and one of the children went apple picking this weekend, so he told us about it.

Our question today was, "What color apples do you like?" and our story today was The little red house with no doors and no windows, which is a verbal story that ends up with a surprise at the end. The "house" turns out to be an apple.

At our second circle time , we talked about the weather, the calendar and we did the fingerplay, "Two little apples smiled at me", which is about apples and emotions.

For our creative art today, we made apple prints using real apples. We had roller brushes with apple stencils at the easel.

We had number rings and pegs for counting and number recognition, magnetic letters and magnet boards for letter recognition and gluing collage materials for fine motor skills at the tables today. We also had many children enjoying the blocks, trucks, and trains.

We had an apple sorting game and sorted "apple" pompoms by color.

We did the "Silly dance contest" and "Face the facts" songs on CD's today for music.

We went out to the playground today.

Maple Room- MWF class

We read The little Mouse and the Big Red Apple " by A.H. Benjamin. For art today the children tore pieces of paper and glued them onto apple shapes- good fine motor activity as well as art activity, this helps children develop cutting skills.

We sang the "October song", animal action, ABC and Way up high in the apple tree.

We started the letter of the week today. Ask your child about the "Alphabet monster"

We went out to the playground today.

Children in the Maple Room: Please bring an apple on Wednesday, we will be cooking with them.

Oak Room

Our story today was "The little red house with no doors and no windows", which is a verbal story that ends up with a surprise at the end. The "house" turns out to be an apple.

The children cut up slices of apple for our applesauce which we got to enjoy the smell of in our room all morning and we got to eat at snack time. We also cut up pieces of the different kinds of apples the children brought in and did a taste comparison and graph of who liked which color apple best.

For music we did "Way up high in the apple tree", Animal sorting, and "A-P-P-L-E".

We talked about the sense of taste today and we tasted apples too.

We went outside today.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Activities for Friday, October 2

Willow Room- MWF class

We read "Corduroy" by Don Freeman; this book is considered a classic in children's literature.

Our art project was then to give the children a paper cut out to look like Corduroy's overalls in the story; then the children glued buttons all over the paper overalls.

Our question for today was "Do you have a button on your clothes?"

At our second circle time today, we did our weather and calendar, counting activities and we played a color bear game where we looked for colors that are in our room.

At the easel today we had some new paint brushes, they are short, with thick bristles, and they are made special to not roll off tables. At our free art table, the children were gluing objects onto paper.

We had bead stringing, a puzzle with all kinds of locks on it, and an alphabet magnetic puzzle
out for fine motor skills,

Our music activities today were "head, shoulders, knees and toes" , "everybody has a face", and "The Sneezing song".

We went out to the playground today.

Maple Room: MWF class

We read "The apple pie tree" by Zoe Hall.

For art we painted our version of apple trees using paper cut into a tree shape; we dipped different size and types of corks into red paint and pressed them onto the paper to look like apples. We were able also to look at how the different corks made different looking "apples".

At the easel we had stampers with paint. At our free art table today, the children "discovered" the scissors and were enjoying cutting paper, which is great for fine motor skills.

Our worm farm was placed in our sensory table today so the children could look at it easily from all sides. They could see the paths and tunnels that are being made by the worms.

We played a small group game today, shape bingo.

We went outside to the playground today.

Oak Room:

Today we talked about our sense of hearing and we read "The ear book" by Al Perkins. For a listening activity we counted pennies with our ears....we had the children count the pennies by listening to the sound they made when dropped into a cup. We blocked the view so they could not see the pennies, they could only hear them.

We always do our calendar activities, weather graphing and counting activities at circle time. We also often do a graphing question of the day

We did many listening activities today, we had some music instruments out during part of choice time, we put on a music CD of some fun songs, we talked loud and soft too.

For art, we made shakers to use during music. The children colored paper plates and we put a few beans in them so they would make noise when we shook them. We then used them at music time to make music for our song. We also had a tape of different sounds that we listened to and tried to identify what was making that sound.

For a science experiment today, we had frozen large ice blocks and the children used red, blue, and yellow colored water with eye droppers to drip onto the ice. They were able to see the primary colors mix to make new secondary colors. They could also see how the water made the ice melt and holes developed in the ice block. This was a popular activity.

Monday, October 5 - children in the Oak room- Please remember to bring an apple to school today.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Activities for Thursday, October 1

Willow Room- T/Th class

We did our Good Morning song and read "Happy Birthday Moon" by Frank Asch. We did name recognition and what color is your name frog?

Creative art today was using funny stampers and at the easels we had chalk and black paper.

Some of our table activities were Mr Potato Head (fine motor skills) , farm animal sort (color recognition) and a zoo animal puzzle ( fine motor skills).

Some of our music today was "teddy bear teddy bear, turn around", and "the cool bear hunt song".

We went outside to the playground.

We added some small plastic pumpkins to the rice in the sensory table.

Maple Room- Thursday class

Today was our first day of our Thursday class.

We read "Chicka, chicka, boom boom" by Bill Martin Jr..
For art we used upper case letter stampers with paint and white paper.

Our music activities included some of our favorite songs.

We looked at our worm farm and we could see the tracks the worms are making through the dirt and sand. The sand is falling through the spaces made in the dirt. We even got to see one of the worms move today.

We also spent time in free art, reading stories, and playing some number and alphabet games.

We went outside today.

Oak Room:

Our story today was "Little Blue and Little Yellow" by Leo Lionni which is a great story about how the colors yellow and blue mix together to make green.

We also did a science experiment where we put drops of yellow and blue food color into a small amount of water. Then we discussed the new color that appeared. During choice time, we also let the children experiment with color mixing, adding drops of food color to water to see what new colors could be made. It was a very popular activity and the children were excited to see the results.

We followed up our story with a color mixing art activity; first the children cut out circles ad then took yellow and blue watercolor paint to make green.

We had the light table in the room today, this is a wooden box with a light inside and a frosted Plexiglas top. The light shines through and when translucent items are placed on top, the light allows the color to show through. We put out different color squares and the children put two colors on top of each other to see what new color was made.

For music today, we did "list of dances".

We went out to the playground today.

News and reminders

  • Parent night- Thursday, Oct. 8 7:30-8:30 p.m. This is for parents only please. We will have a brief group meeting, and then parents will go to their child's classroom to hear about the plans for the year from the teachers.

  • Thursday "add-on" day for Monday, Wednesday, Friday classes: You can add Thursday for more school fun. come to the preschool office or ask one of the teachers for more information.

  • Lunch Bunch: This is a special extended time to the school day for children on Wednesdays only. Children leave at 1:30 p.m. instead of 11:45 and eat lunch at school They bring a healthy lunch from home, and also have additional choice time, small group games, outside or gym time and music and stories. The fee for this program is $32.00 per month and it begins Oct. 7.

Activities for Wednesday, Sept. 30

Willow Room- MWF

Our story today was "Happy Birthday Moon" by Frank Asch and our question today was "Do you have a teddy bear?" We graphed the yes and no answers and counted and compared them. At our second circle today we did our weather chart, the days of the week and a color bear game.

For creative art today we used black paper and dipped chalk in sugar water to create a different look than you normally get from chalk. At the easels we had
different textured stampers and red, blue, yellow and green paint.

For music today we did the "Teddy Bear song" and "The Cool Bear Hunt song".

We went out to the playground today- we were watching the airplanes in the sky.

Maple Room- MWF class:

We read "Ten apples up on top" by Theo LeSieg and we followed that up with an apple activity at art. We made apple suncatchers to hang in our classroom windows. We did these by having an apple outline shape and the middle was wax paper. The children glued different colors of tissue paper onto the wax paper to creat a colorful suncatcher center.
At the easels we had apple stencils with paint and rollers.

For our movement/music time we did "way up high in the apple tree", "Who picked the apple from the apple tree", "Today is Monday" and "Pass the apple".

We went outside to the playground today.

We introduced the estimating jar, each week we will put objects in a jar and the children try to "guess" or estimate how many they think are in the jar. We then count to see how many were really in the jar.

We also did a game of balancing bean bags on top of our heads.

Oak Room:

We are talking about our sense of sight now, and we read "Arthur's eyes" by Marc Brown. We made "stain glass" designs by sticking tissue paper onto contact paper inside a leaf or acorn shape. We will hang them in our classroom windows for decoration.

We had a number train puzzle, snap together building blocks, and ABC magnetic puzzles out today.

We did some songs from the CD "Sally the Swinging Snake" by Hap Palmer and we used ribbons to dance to the music.

We worked in our journal notebooks drawing "c" pictures. We added some science materials like binoculars, kaleidoscope, magnifying glasses to demonstrate the use of sight.