Sunday, February 2, 2014

Trinity Preschool Activities for Thursday, January 30, 2014

Oak Room: Pre- K room

We did Pajama Day today!  This is one of our favorite events in class.  The children come to school in their pajamas and bring a stuffed animal with them.  We played "Pass Goldilocks and the bear" around the circle.  We started by Passing a puppet Goldilocks around the circle and then when it was part way around the group, we started passing a bear around the circle too.  We wanted to see if the bear could catch Goldilocks and he never did.  Goldilocks ran out of our room.

We read "A pocket for corduroy" by Don Freeman ( the children laid on the floor on the rug and listened to the story laying down.)

We cut out overall shapes to make "corduroy's pants" . We glued them onto a bear shape, then drew a face and added buttons and pocket.

We acted out "10 in the bed"  and "5 little monkeys"

We watched a DVD of the story "Corduroy"

Willow Room;  MWF class

We read "Harold and the purple Crayon" by Crockett Johnson

We fingerpainted with purple paint on a crayon shape paper.

We painted at the easel with purple paint and prickle rings.

We did "Who is at the zoo?", "Everybody clap your hands" and "Monkey Say, Monkey do" for music today.

We did a snowmen in the yard felt rhyme and played a "find the snowball hiding behind the mitten game

Maple Room:

We read "One winter's day" M. Christina Butler

We practiced writing our first and last - focusing on using upper case and lower case letters.  We played a math grab bag game, we had various items in a bag and the children reached into the bag to see how many they can grab in their hand and we counted them.  We did marbles, plastic crabs, cotton balls, and inch cubes.  We made a graph of how many they could hold. We found we could grab far more cotton balls than anything else and the children discussed why they thought that was.  (They decided it was because they cotton balls could squish down in our hands)  we made a big graph of our results.

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