Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Trinity Preschool Activities for Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Willow Room- MWF class

We read "The Mitten" by Jan Brett

We asked the children "Do you have the letter C in your name?"

We painted with textured hand mitts,  and we had stencils, and colored pencils at the easel with stencils that are the letters A,B, C and pictures of things that start with those words.

We have a clothes line in the room with real mittens.  The children used clothespins to hang mittens form the clothes line.

Our sensory table has ice and shaving cream in it.  

We did "Teasing Mr Sun" , a snowman rhyme

We did "if you are happy and you know it", "Face the facts", and "I'm a little snowman" for music today.

Maple Room:  MWF class

We read "The mitten" by Jan Brett

We cut out mittens for our class book on mittens.
We had snowflake stencils at the easel with roller brushes.

We did letter K activities, and we talked about evaporation.

We did the January song, and we did the mitten song, using the parachute as a prop.

Oak Room: Pre- k class

We will act out the story of the Three bears.

We read "The quiet Quail"

We are learning about the letter Q and we worked in our journals on words and pictures that start with the letter Q.

We had a bear, house, and girl stampers at the easel and the children used them to do the story of the three bears.

We did "Teddy Bear, Teddy, Bear, Turn around", "Stick to the glue", And "Your face will surely show it" for music today.

Stay and Play:

"Little Fern's First Winter" by Jane Simmons

We did crayon rubbings on a snowflake, then painted over them with blue and purple water colors.

We did Mr Snowman needs....., Come and get a smiley face, and Pass the snowman....Brrrr

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