Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Trinity Preschool Activities for Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Oak Room- 

We read "The hat" by Jan Brett

We drew a picture on black paper with white crayon.  The we brushed water with epsom salt in it all over the paper.  When it dries, it will have a sparkly look to it.  Like a snowy night.

We went on a bear hunt.
The children followed picture clues and foot prints to track down the bear.

Each child had a map like this with clues to look for on the bear hunt.  All around the building.

We found the bear hiding in our "cave" in our room and holding a special treat for us.

We did a "My kitten's mitten rhyme"

We talked about how a bear stores fat.  We did an experiment where we felt how cold ice cubes felt.  Then we held a plastic baggie that was filled with lard (fat) and put the ice cubes in our hands on top of the lard.  We could not feel the cold ice through the layer of fat.  The animals have a layer of fat to help protect them from the cold weather.

We have corn cobs ground up in our sensory table today.

Willow Room- Terrific 2's and 3's class

"My crayon talks" by Patricia Hubbard was a story about colors that we read today.

We asked the children "What is your favorite color?

We finger painted using red paint.

We painted snowflakes at the easel using silver glitter paint.

We did "Come and join in the game" "Circle game" using colored circles and "Tommy Thumb" for music today.

We did a color mitten rhyme.
We made pretend snow using a powder mix you add water to and it poofs up into snow.  It is not cold, but it has a fun feel. We added penguins and polar bears to it too.

Please bring in small items to add to our color train- things that are red, but that you don't want back.  We will attach them to our color train we put in the hall.

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