Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Pizza shop in preschool dramatic corner

At Trinity, we have fun setting up dramatic corner with different themes, and our pizza shop is one of the most fun.  The children love to pretend to make pizza, and they love to pretend to take orders.  We make our own real pizzas to eat for snack one day too.  There are some fun books to read about making pizza.

We use cardboard and paint sticks to make oven paddles.  We have some cardboard circles as pizza bases.  The toppings are made from felt.  We add empty cheese containers, some empty spice containers and of course the checkered table cloth.

We add phones, order taking pads, cash registers so add another element to our pizza shop.

It has gotten a little beat up, but this is our makeshift pizza oven.  Two pizza boxes taped together and covered with aluminum foil.  We use our pizza paddles to put our pizzas in the oven.

Have to have a great place to serve up the pizza.

Another view of our pizza oven.

We add aprons and a pizza maker chef hat, we make them with a paper napkin and  white paper.

Great view of our pizza shop

The children help color the pizzeria sign.

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