Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Color experiment in pre-k class

We did a great color science experiment with cups, paper towels, and food color. It is fun to see how the colors and water travel from one cup to the other.

Take 3 cups and put paper towel linking one to the other.  Add blue in one cup and yellow in the second cup.  The middle cup has no water and no color added.  The color will seep up and fill the middle cup. 

Looks like orange, but it is yellow food color. 

You can see the blue and yellow traveling up the paper towel toward the middle cup, this takes time.

closer view

closer view

You can see the green in the middle cup.  It started out with no water in it either, just dry paper towel.

another look at the middle cup with the new color

The water in all three cups is at the same level and the middle cup now has combined color.

We decided to add some new cups to see what would happen.

Another view of the additional cups.

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