Saturday, July 28, 2012

Summer camp ends for 2012

We had a great summer camp this year, with a record number of kids and unfortunately having to turn many away.  I always feel bad when we can't fit every one in to our camp.  

What makes Trinity Preschool summer camp so special?  

1.  We don't hire "summer staff", our regular classroom teachers work camp as well.  So, they know the kids, they know our materials and they use everything! Really our camp is an extended version of our regular classes, just held outdoors!

2. Kids get outside time- so many children don't get to be outside for extended periods of time, but at camp we are outside about 2 hours a day (weather permitting, of course).  I love that the kids could relax on a blanket and look at books or play with quiet toys, or they could play with the messy art, or they could just run and scream.  

3. We love to experiment with new, messy, wet,  play, art, water play, etc.  We had corn starch and water, ice cubes and shaving cream, ice cube painting, spray bottles with paint, gutters with buckets of water and balls, and boats; even something as simple as sponges with buckets of water were fun for the kids.  

4. We bring so many activities out, the kids can't get bored.  But, if they want quiet time, that is ok too. 

5. We have shade!  This was a hot summer and we are so fortunate to have shade trees to give us a way to stay out of the sun.

6. Playing music instruments and marching is always fun!

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