Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Trinity Preschool Summer Camp June 2012

We have been having fun with camp, last week the weather was cool and now it is HOT!  But the children have had fun no matter what the weather!  Today we brought out the sprinklers and hoses and I just love the excited sounds of laughter.  We also had water tables, art and plenty of quiet activities too.
Sand in trays with dinosaurs and small accessories

water play with new items added daily to change it up

We added paint to water and put it in spray bottles for the children to squirt at large sheets of paper.

We have peg board ties to the fence for our outdoor easels.  Wworks great.

Fly swatter painting- always a hit!

We put out powder paint and cups with water.  The children dip their brush in water and then in the powder paint.

Clear plastic containers of water with and eye droppers with liquid water colors.

The picture made from the fly swatters being whacked against the paper.

Getting ready for truck painting in large boxes.

Water play every day!

Truck painting in large boxes- they could roll the trucks with their hands, or two friends could pick up the box and roll the truck back and forth.

Ice blocks with watercolors

Ice sure is fun in the summer heat.

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