Thursday, May 10, 2012

Trinity Preschool Activities for Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Stay & Play:

We read "Too many Frogs" by Sandy Asher
We drew on coffee filters, then we painted over our drawing with glitter watercolors.

We did Bean Bag Alphabet tag, shake rattle and roll, stop and go and turn around song for music today.
We played chutes and ladders game.
We had fun with the animal doctor office in the Oak room.

Willow Room:MWF class:
We talked to the children about mom's and asked them "What do you like to do with your mommy?" We looked at items that start with the letter X.

We did the " The Hungry Caterpillar" story using felt pieces.

We painted with dish scrubbers and mixing colors.

We had magnetic colorful sticks at the easel for the children to use to make shapes.
we practiced our Mother's Day songs.

We had sand and design rollers in the sensory table.

We gave our grassy heads a hair cut.  We checked on our growing plants.

We are watching a giant crab sponge grow in water- it is a little thing, and when in the water, it grows larger. 

We have a picnic and bbq set up in our dramatic play area.

Maple Room::
We read "A seed in need" by Sam Goodwin

We used mesh pot scrubbers and real flowers to paint with today.  The children used the flowers and pot scrubbers to make prints and added pom poms and stems with paint to make flowers.

We painted with real flowers at the easel.

We practiced our songs for Mother's Day program on Friday.

We did letter Z activities .

We are also doing some experiments with lima beans and sunflower seeds.  we put some in water, some in a dry area, and we are going ot see what happens.

Oak Room:

We read "Miss Spider's Tea Party" and we read " Are you my Mother?"

We did a group mural painting project.  We painted on paper with pastels and we will add some black after it dries.

We reviewed the 5 senses 

We practiced our Mother's Days song.

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