Sunday, May 6, 2012

Trinity Preschool Activities for Friday, May 4, 2012

Stay & Play: 

We read "Mushroom in the rain" by Mirra Ginsgurg 
we used chalk on paper for art.
We did "If you are happy and you know it", "Couch Potato Pokey" and "Over the deep blue sea" for music
We brought in some new toys that arrived today-  Duplo tubes, clics, and flexibloxks. 
We also divided the children into two rooms to have choice time, then joined together for snack, music and outside time.

Willow Room: MWF class

We read "One rainy day" by M Christina Butler
We asked the children if they have the letter "W" in your name?

We painted with fun designs on "flip flops"- they look like flip flop shoes and you slip your hand where your foot would be. 

We practiced our Mother's Day songs for music..

We are having fun with the new toys in our classroom.

Maple Room:

We acted out the story of "the carrot" an old folk tale.  We also read "The big turnip" by Tatiana Zunshine

We used cookie cutters in flower shapes to make prints and we had tulip shape paper at the easel with textured brushes at the easel.

We practiced our Mother's Day songs.

We took a look at roots of plants and talked about the roots and what they do for the plants.

We put our egg carton caterpillars in our paper chrysalis to transform into butterflies. 

Oak Room:

We read "Butterfly House" by Eve Bunting

Our Luna moth opened as we arrived in class today.  We were excited to watch this.

We made "houses" today.  We have a cut off orange juice container and added a house shape to the back.  We will plant grass int eh orange juice container to be our front lawn.  We also made snips in green paper that we will attach to the front to look like grass.

We did some number games, - we used snap together number bugs and some shape matching turtles.
We just changed our room around and are enjoying exploring the room in new ways.
We are playing with modeling clay- this has a different feel than playdough and is great for developing the fine motor muscles in the fingers.

Our dramatic corner is now a veterinary clinic. 

We did an opposites match-  each child has a picture on a puzzle piece and has to find the other person with the opposite picture piece.

We practiced our Mother's Day songs.

We made a surprise picture together, each child had a numbered wooden stick with a piece of a picture on it,  they came up in order and added it to the board to create a whole picture.

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